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Deck Cover Project

This project is a little ironic in that, for years I have always wanted to sit on my patio and look up into the shade trees but couldn’t because of an ugly old trailer park-type awning. So, as in my earlier posts, we removed the old awning cover, built a larger deck over the old patio and my dream was fulfilled. Well, after the first season, we realized that the table and chairs were constantly filled with debris and bird poop. We have to keep them covered, or end up cleaning them every time we want to sit to dinner on the deck. An umbrella was out of the question, with our occasional windy days we would have to keep it down. So, a cover was decided, but just a half cover, enough for the dinning table and chairs, but the other half with the Bar-B-Que and Chiminea is not covered, offering views up into the trees and to let smoke drift upwards from the Chiminea and bar-b-que.

Clear fiberglass panels keep us dry, and there is an electrical box for a fan we found, for those muggy windless days.