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Iconic Image

Today we went to a flea market and I fount an old 1964 National Geographic that had NASA stuff about ‘future’ flights to the moon. It also had the JFK funeral. It was only .50 cents, I was expecting a couple bucks, which I would have paid.

I was looking through the magazine, mostly at the cool old ads and came to the Kennedy article. Even though at the time I had just turned 3 years old, I remember seeing this on TV. Then I came to this:

…after 47 years I still get all choked up at this  image which, after searching google, there are several taken from different angles, all equally as heartbreaking. I believe this image(s) will live on in history as one of the most iconic images of our time.

Dress up those greying – fading Jeep exterior trims!

I recently purchased a beautiful ’99 Jeep Cherokee Sport. The only problem with the exterior is the faded greying black exterior trim pieces. I tried a couple solutions, “Back to Black” and “Black Again” exterior trim finisher. They work on all colors, not just black.

There are others on the market but these were highly suggested in newsgroups and by friends. Simply wipe on the product with a clean cloth or cheese cloth then wipe off excss with another clean cloth. They both had identical results but the “Black Again” seemed to remove the oxidation better, judging from the darker areas left in application rag.

See images for a before and after. You can click them for a closer view

 Above you can see unfinished on the left and finished on the right

Above you can see, that even from a distance there is quite a difference in color.

These are the products I used. If you have a newer Wrangler, those fender wells are probably, or someday will fade. This is a cheap alternitave to replacing them at about $3-$4 a bottle. One drawback is it must be reapplied in about 2-3 months, depending on weather and washing conditions