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Burnin’ up the slash

Today we went up to our cabin in the mountains to close it down for the winter and got to watch the logger, who cleared some timber for us two years ago, burn the “slash” piles that were left as a result of the logging. I had been wanting not to miss this because the piles were huge! We’re talkin’ a pile the size of a house with huge logs in it.


It started out slow, mainly because the loggers must wait until this time of year, after a few good rains to light the piles. It is good and dry, having sat for two summers but the rains do moisten it up a bit. once it got going we had to get back 100 feet and could still feel the heat.

That’s my son Chris standing there to show how large the pile was.

The Jeep is seen far back from the fire. He did get to play some today. We found a logging road left over that was cleared of major debris and we rode around the property, definitely a 4-wheel road.