Block patio project, Phase III

Now the fun begins! After packing the gravel comes the time to lay some block. First I made a bed of sand 1″ (inch) thick by laying 3/4″ PVC pipe (3/4 is the inner diameter, 1″ is the outer diameter) and using a straight 2×4 to “screed” the sand.

screeding sand (click thumbs)

Then, following the edging we laid down earlier, we started making our rows of block following the pattern we liked. Our is called an “I” pattern. After carefully laying the blocks, make sure the edges are tight and square and gently thump the block into the sand if need be.

patio-087.jpg patio-099.jpg patio-104.jpg

Using cuts of plywood helps in not disturbing the block until it can be tamped.

Here I am kissing the final stone after several hours just of laying block and 5 weeks total, mostly after work and weekends digging and scrapping.


The next day you can hardly move but we wanted the get the antique brick path between the new patio and the garden finished sooo…


My wife Cheryl laid most of the path bricks.

One thought on “Block patio project, Phase III”

  1. I am very glad I found your website. We are laying our patio (1050 sq. ft.) in a week or so. Although we are excited, we are also a little aprhensive. However the cost of hiring someone is absolutely ridiculous. I wondered what the pamphlet meant by the 2 pieces of pvc pipe or coduit needed. Thankyou for your pictures. It is crystal clear now!!

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