Back Yard Landscape Facelift

I have finally finished the landscaping project that connects the new patio and the new deck that was built over the old patio coming off of the kitchen.

patio-007.jpg Before… bakyard-007.jpg After

We used some of the old bricks left over from the patio project and made a border along the wider flower beds we created using fill that came out of the patio excavation.

patio-008.jpg Before… bakyard-011.jpg After

We used composite “bender board” and composite stakes between the granite/rock path and the grass. It won’t rot like redwood or cedar and is stronger too. I had many tree roots to deal with and had to rip the bender board to about 1-1/2″ along the half towards the deck. Buried only about 1/2 to 1 inch deep in places, yet is strong enough to withstand the occasional big foot or lawn mower wheel. Impossible to do with redwood bender board.

bakyard-002.jpg bakyard-005.jpg bakyard-009.jpg

That’s an antique milk tank used as a pedestal for a sun dial

bakyard-013.jpg bakyard-016.jpg bakyard-019.jpg

I used bark dust for the mulch and “decomposed” granite for the pathway, with stones collected around our mountain cabin mixed in.