Christmas Memories

I love Christmas.

Most of the time I am a very good boy so Santa always brings me lots of toys! I especially love anything with catnip. (In case you were wondering what to buy me)



However, during my second Christmas season I thought I might lose my happy home.

You see, I have this very bad habit of chewing on artificial Christmas greenery. I loved gnawing on the garland my Mom wrapped around the banister. As she was wrapping one end around the stairway I was chewing on the other end.

My worst habit was chewing on the artificial tree that stood in the diningroom. I liked to sit under it and pull down a branch to feast on. Mom says she doesn't understand it. She thinks since the thing is basically made of metal wire with that green stuff twisted in it that I should have gotten shocked, but I never did.



Anyway, during my second Christmas (I was a little over 1 year old) I was gnawing on the tree. Mom was yelling at me to stop and I got the bright idea to climb the tree to get away from her. Bad idea!

The whole tree fell over! The top third smashed against the diningroom table and all the ornaments shattered. My Mom was madder than I have ever seen her, before or since.

After she got done yelling at me, my Mom just sat and cried. I felt so bad I tried to cuddle with her but she locked me in the bedroom. She says it was so I wouldn't step in the glass but I don't know. (I have a feeling that if I wasn't so cute she would have tossed me out with the broken glass---thank goodness I'm adorable)

Mom now puts a 50 pound weight on the stand of every tree in the house. Hmmm 50 pounds. I know I'm a little chunky but somehow I think that may be an insult.


See me? I am hiding, waiting for Santa.


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