Excitement Last Night

Last night, the coolest thing happened. The biggest bug I've ever seen got into the house.

Mom had been in and out of the diningroom several times gathering up supplies for a stamping project. After about 10 trips, she was finally done and turned off the light. A few seconds later, I saw something moving.

Flying up near the ceiling was the biggest "moth" I'd ever seen. I started chasing it around and around. It made at least 20 laps around Mom's chandelier. Then it swooped through the door and into the kitchen with me hot on it's tail.

We did about 3 laps around the kitchen, I wish it would have come down closer for me to catch it. I jumped and jumped but couldn't quite reach.

It then zipped back into the diningroom for a few more laps around the chandelier. All this time I could hear my Mom sort of wimpering in the livingroom. I was wondering what her problem was, the "moth" must have too because it then flew into the livingroom.

As it made several passes around the room, my Mom let out the loudest scream I have ever heard! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! IT'S A BAT!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


She sure scared me and she must have scared the bat too because it took off upstairs.

Poor Mom, she was shaking so hard she could barely dial the phone. She called Norma, you remember Norma, she was the one who rescued me. Norma came right over and took care of everything. First she went upstairs, she is very brave. We heard her shut the bedroom door. Then she called down and told Mom to wait outside (Mom was a little panicky so she probably wanted her out of the way.)

The next thing we know, Norma is coming down the steps saying, "It's all over". It turns out that when Norma went into the bedroom, the bat landed on her shoulder. My Mom says she gets queasy just thinking about that.

When Norma tried to open the window, the bat flew off and landed on the curtains so she wrapped the curtain around him and tossed him out the window. She says he was very cute.

It was a very exciting night. I had fun, Norma had fun, Mom had nightmares.

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