Food (my favorite topic)

I have strange eating habits according to my Mom. I'm not a picky eater, I'll eat just about anything. I just behave strangely.

For example, my Mom feeds me three times a day because when she used to put all my daily food out at once, I ate it all at once then starved the rest of the day. Now, at each of these feeding times, I insist that she pet me while I eat. I won't eat a bite until she pets me. Now you may think, "So don't pet him". Well let me tell you, I become very loud and obnoxious when I'm hungry and someone won't pet me. I can be clearly heard all over the house.

I also don't like to see the bottom of the dish. I will hunt down my Mom and hound her unmercifully until she "shakes" my dish. I sit in front of her and yowl.

I love to eat. I just don't understand why she doesn't feed me every time she enters the kitchen. Why else does she go out there?

My absolute favorite food is cheese. Just mention the word "cheese" and I become very animated. I will do anything and go anywhere for cheese. I also love ice cream, vanilla. Followed by Cool Whip (I recognize the container and have been know to trip the person carrying it).

Unfortunately, my Mom doesn't let me have much of these foods. I would eat those instead of my regular stuff.

In case you are wondering, I currently weigh about 15 pounds. My doctor used to say I needed to lose more weight but now says with my age and good health that I am just destined to be "a big cat". I have trouble with my hip joints. They developed arthritis a few years back. My doctor thinks it is the result of my fall from the car, since I couldn't see the ground, I couldn't land on my feet. The doctor's advice to Mom was to just "continue to take good care of him".

Hmmm, I think I'll go take another nap. Oh, wait a minute, Mom is heading for the kitchen......



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