Latest Happenings 2005

A lot of people have been asking my Mom why I havenít written anything lately so I thought I would give you an update of how things are going with me.
I turn 13, this year on August 10, 2005. I have been living in Oregon for 4 years now and have adjusted very well. I am still a very healthy boy. My mom spoils me every chance she gets. Unfortunately, that beast Kitty is still around. There for a while he did everything he could to scar my ďbeautiful faceĒ (Momís description, and who am I to argue?). He would attack me while I was sleeping and scratch up my nose. But he seems to have finally accepted that fact that I am NOT leaving. Lately, he has taken to sleeping in MY bed, the nerve!!! I always go and tell on him and Mom goes in and swats him on the butt and makes him move. HeeHee

He also seems to enjoy sleeping in Momís favorite chair. It is in her studio about 6 inches from my bed. It made me a bit uneasy for a while but he falls asleep really fast when he is in it so I'm safe.

Did I tell you? Dad built Mom this really cool desk for Valentineís Day. It is over 9 feet long and gives her tons of space for working on her art as well as on her computer. It is also really great to sleep on.

Tucker on new desk

Mom and I read email together every day now. She gets annoyed with me sometimes though. She says ďI make a better door than a windowĒ whatever that means. Donít you just love that ďdingĒ when you get new email? Mom doesn't seem to hear it as often as I do. Maybe she needs her hearing checked. I keep having to go and get her and let her know we have mail!

I have been helping Mom a lot with her art too. I think we do beautiful work but she says that people donít always appreciate fuzzies on their art. Strange! Mom has been working on puzzle pieces. She belongs to a group that decorates pieces and then assembles the puzzle back together to make a collage created by many people. I love to play with the puzzle pieces that come in the mail. Sometimes I play a game and hide them from Mom but so far I am the only one that enjoys this game. The puzzle group named me as their semi-official mascot. No other pet stepped up to take the position so I volunteered and they accepted.

Mom still does a lot of rubber stamping too. I love rubber stamps; they bounce really well when you throw them on the floor. Mom doesn't seem to like that much either. I wonder if she has lost her sense of humor. You know, I wouldn't have to toss things on the floor is she didn't keep putting them smack dab in the middle of the desk!! Right where I like to sleep!!!!!

Thatís about all the news. Life is really good here. I have a wonderful home that they keep cool in the summer and nice and toasty in the winter. My arthritis hardly ever bothers me any more which is a great relief to my mom. And my dad treats me pretty good. He still thinks that other cat is cuter than me so obviously he has a slight problem but over all he is a good dad. And then there is dadís son, I still donít like him but since he is the one who has to feed me I try to be as nice as I can. Snarling is a form of endearment, isn't it?


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