Since I am so photogenic, my mommy has put together a photo album of me.

click thumbs for enlarged photos

This was my first Halloween. Wow, look how skinny I was!
I used to sleep in this basket. I couldn't fit in it now if my life depended on it. September 1992
It was chilly in the house the other day so I crawled into Mom's bed and pulled up the covers. I still have no idea what she thought was so funny about it. I have seen her do the same thing dozens of times.
Here I am with a scarecrow my mom made
When we first moved to Oregon, I would hide under the folded down bedspread. If I tucked my feet in, no one could find me. July 2001
Santa brought me this "house" to sleep in. I NEVER used it. I sleep with Mom! We didn't bring it with us to Oregon. (Mom used this picture of me as a model for one of her stamp carvings)
I just love Christmas! I love to hide under the tree and watch the celebrations.
Here I am cuddling with my Puppy
Here I am again at Christmas, this time in 2005. I am so excited for Santa to come and bring me a present!


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