My Early Childhood

As a kitten, I was a great source of amusement for my Mom.(still am) It's a wonder I don't have some sort of complex. I was also very ornery.

When I was very small, 2 or 3 months old, I used to have a daily fight with my Mom. She would wake up and reach over the side of the bed and scoop me up. (I was too small to jump up that high) I then wanted to play, she wanted to go back to sleep. We would tussle back and forth a bit until she just got tired of it and rolled over. That ticked me off, how dare she ignore me! So I would bark at her. Yes, Bark! I was a little confused, still suffering from my early trauma I guess. Then I would do this odd crab walk thing. I would tilt my head until I was almost looking at her upside-down then start this sideways hopping jump toward her. I thought I was really tough, she thought I was hysterical. I can still hear her laughter ringing in my ears.


Look, it's me! 4 months old


Pet Safety

Here is a tip on cat safety. Please have your cats (or dogs) spayed/neutered. They will live a longer healthier life. I was neutered at 6 months. I am not fat and lazy, I'm never mean, I love my parents and I don't spray and stink up the house.

Also, I am an indoor cat. My precious feet have never touched the ground outside. I don't miss it. I have never tried to get out. My doctor says I will live longer and be healthier (no fights, no cars, no contact with sick animals, no ticks, rarely have fleas).

Ok, enough speeches. I'm off to nap. I'll write more later.


This isn't me but it will have to do until Mom gets more of my pictures scanned. Doesn't he look comfortable? Photo by David McEnery


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