First day in my new home!

This Is My Story

I was born in 1992, on or about August 10. When I was only 4 weeks old, some people grabbed me, shoved me into a plain brown paper bag and stapled the top shut.

The next thing I remember was a loud rumbling sound like the engine of a car. I was jostled and bounced around inside that dark bag. Suddenly I had the feeling of weightlessness (they threw me out the window) which ended when I slammed into something hard.(the ground) I hurt all over and tried to get out of the bag but couldn't get it open. I was so scared all I could do was cry.

I next remember feeling the bag being slowly lifted. Then magically, the bag began to open. The light hurt my eyes but I was so happy to see the sun. Someone reached into the bag and gently lifted me out. It turned out to be Norma. Lucky for me she loves animals more than people. She cuddled me and held me close.

That evening, at Norma's house, I just didn't fit in. I was chased constantly by the two dogs, four cats and two kids who already lived there. Norma felt sorry for me and carried me next door to try to find me a better home. Unfortunately, even though the lady there fell in love with me at first sight, she couldn't let me stay without her husband's approval. (He didn't like cats) So I went back to Norma's and spent the night running and hiding from various pursuers.

The next morning, bright and early at 7 am, Norma took me back to the neighbors house. She woke them up which is not a good thing to do since the husband worked late. He wasn't happy, so I gave him my best pouty, big eyed mew and he succumbed to my charms!

Needless to say, this lady is Mom.

How did I get the name of Tucker? After that traumatic day and night, once I felt safe, I slept 6 hours straight. (Mom thought I was dead) My Mom said I slept so much because I was "plum tuckered out"


Here I am at 5 weeks and this is the "gotta love me" look I gave my Mom.

Me at age 4 1/2.

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