More Odd Happenings

Let me start by saying that we used to live in a very old house. We had those really big, black grid things on the floor. When it was cold out, nice warm air came up out of them. That was the only good thing about them. The rest of the time I couldn't stand them. It hurt my little feet to walk on them. Plus, they had this nasty habit of eating all my toys.



I can probably tell you every toy I ever lost to that beast. I used to just sit and stare down into it's mouth and sigh.

One night Mom was on the phone when I heard the strangest noise. Mom heard it too. She must have thought it was outside because she opened the curtains and looked out. I guess Mom doesn't hear so good because the sound was coming up from the black hole in the floor.

I got so excited! Mom let out a little squeal and shined a light down the hole. Whatever it was, Mom says mouse, I say one of my toys was trying to escape, it stopped making noise when she shined the light. Stupid Mom, if she had just waited, I'm sure it would have come right out to us.

Before we moved, I would sit by the hole and wait, with the hope, that someday one of my beloved fuzzy toys would make it's way back to me.



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