SP's Newberg Branch in N scale
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These are the pages of my "SP's Newberg Branch in N scale". Here, you'll find: pictures of my layout including, Portland Yard, McMinnville and surrounding countryside, layout at a glance (below) and more.

As of 09/02, the "SP's Newberg Branch" has left the property. Needless to say, it was difficult to tear it apart, but a growing family demanded it. I hope to have a smaller shelf layout someday. Please enjoy my layout pictures.

N Scale Model Railroading

Welcome to my model railroad, the SP's Newberg Branch in N scale. The Newberg Branch was a real branch line of the Southern Pacific RR, running between Cook and St Joseph, near Portland Oregon. It was a busy shortcut between Brooklyn Yard and the West side Line. McMinnville isn't really on the line, it is one time table stop to the south, but I liked the pictures of McMinnville I've seen and thought it looked much like my area of the layout.

"Train Order"

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This goes to my page on the Mcminnville / Branch line scenic areas of my layout.
Pictures of my Portland Yard with an interesting "perspective" on the subject.

Layout at a Glance

    • Here is a crude track plan
    • Name: Newberg Branch.
    • Scale: N (1:160)
    • Size: 4x8 with a cut-out, based on Atlas' "Atlantic Long Haul" (phase 1) 3x5 extension for an L-shape (phase 2).
    • Length of mainline: approx. 52 ft.
    • Prototype: Southern Pacific RR, Newberg Branch.
    • Local: Northern Oregon, SW of Portland.
    • Period: 1970's to present
    • Layout style: L shaped, with a cut out in the 4x8 section for easy access.
    • Layout height: 37" to 40"
    • Bench work: Open grid
    • Roadbed: Cork on "Homasote" on plywood
    • Track: Atlas section (phase 1) Atlas flex (phase 2)
    • Turnouts: Atlas #4 "automatic" (later cut back like "custom", phase 1) Atlas #4 "custom" (phase 2) with caboose hand throws, (1-electric automatic inside tunnel)
    • Minimum radius: 9"
    • Max. grade: 3%
    • Scenery construction: Sculptamold on pink board foam, enviro-tex for the lake, Woodland scenics products, Heiki trees.
    • Backdrop: 1x2 with masonite, Walters paste-on scenery.

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Dans Depot
Train GIFs courtesy of Dan's Depot

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