USS Lower quadrant Semaphor circa early 1900's
History/News of the Siskiyou Line

Here is a brief history of the Siskiyou line which was, for the most part, ran by the Southern Pacific RR, from 1887 until 1995. I have three pages. First, a short history of the construction, then a story about the famous "Last Great Train Robbery of the West" and there's a page with a satellite image of Tunnel 13. I also have periodic updates of news stories about the line, and further below are some images of Tunnel 13! ... enjoy!


 History of the Line, including: from it's conception to it's construction.

 "The Last Great Train Robbery of the west" Here's the story you've requested the most.

 Satellite photos of the Siskiyou Summit

Other Links about Tunnel 13

 Stories about the Tunnel 13 Fire of November 2003...
(1.)Nov.18 '03  (2.)Nov.19 '03  (3.)Nov.20 '03  (4.)Dec.10 '03
(5.)May 9 '04  (6.)Oct.29 '04  (7.)April 5 '05

07/14/08  Story about "Tunnel 13 Guitars". Good bit of history in the article.

02/26/15 Siskiyou Line Soon Reopening South of Ashland

Images of the Siskiyou Line and Tunnel 13 Before the devastating fire of November 17 2003
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Tunnel 13 1 Tunnel 13 2
Siskiyou pan 3 speeder-sled 4


  1. This is the north portal of Tunnel 13. The south portal can be seen as a small dot inside tunnel.
  2. This is a close-up of Tunnel 13. Note the blown on concrete right over the old original wood planks. Also note the wreath, placed in memory of the slain trainmen.
  3. This is a pan shot of the former stop, "Siskiyou".
  4. My son and I posing on an old speeder cart at the former stop "Siskiyou", site of a town, yard with workshops and a turntable.


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Credits / Info

This is a very brief account of the truly historic events that occurred in the construction of the Siskiyou Line. Most of my information is from "The Siskiyou Line" a documentary by Bert and Margie Webber. this is an incredible book, with an enormous amount of detailed info, pictures of my subject, plus lots of info about connecting lines and valley lines of days gone by.

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