McMinnville / Rural areas
of SP's Newberg Branch

This is phase one of my layout with a mixture of countryside and small town scenery. Originally, I wanted to create a scene from my area of Southern Oregon on the Siskiyou Line. McMinnville originally was to be Ashland, and the climb was the Siskiyou summit with tunnel 13. After reading the book, Southern Pacific in Oregon, (and remembering the physical features of the northern area) I decided my layout resembled the McMinnville area better than my own, and the Newberg Branch had similar features also. So, after 3 years nameless, SP's Newberg Branch was given to my N scale layout.

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McMinnville photos Here's an overview of Phase one. Note the notch-out for easy access. It's scrap piece was used for the upper deck on the right.
McMinnville photos A Dash-9 is heading towards McMinnville after emerging from tunnel 5.
McMinnville photos A family day picnic and fishing on Mirror Lake is as much fun as train watching.
McMinnville photos Visible is the steep grade as two SSW GP-40's pass some uncaring Deer.
McMinnville photos On the outskirts of town, business must be slow, or else everybody is going to that new fangled Super Market, because William is out for some fresh air, as an SD-7 passes behind the store.
McMinnville photos Just in front of William's store are a pair of archaic sentinels (scratch built, styrene, non working)
McMinnville photos Clakamas Lumber and Transfer is always busy, transferring lumber from the old smaller mills outside of town to box cars and flat cars for export.
McMinnville photos Just across from the Lumber transfer point, some women are hanging laundry on a fine spring day. (fence scratch built from styrene, landscaping by Clakamas Lawn and Sprinkler)
McMinnville photos Time seems to stand still here in the Pacific Northwest. There are a few of these old stations left (slightly modernized) throughout the area.
McMinnville photos Also abundant in the area, Grain elevators along track side, and silos in almost every field.
McMinnville photos Business is slow here at the shipping-transfer office. although the docks seem to find work to do, this pencil pusher is going home for the day.
McMinnville photos An RSD-4 is going around the local grain elevator with another hopper to fill.
McMinnville photos Summer is here and trips to town are favorite things to do for little girls.


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