Portland Yard
of SP's Newberg Branch

This is phase two of my layout. An extension called "Portland Yard", created after my fleet of locos and rolling stock got out of hand. I used a backdrop of a city with an overpass to hide the transition. Theoretically, the tracks going under the overpass are old SP&S trackage, now used by BN.(pre merger BNSF)and this area is a junction with SP (pre merger SP/UP)

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Portland Yard pictures Here is an over view of the Portland Yard addition. Note the backdrop/overpass transition.
Portland Yard pictures Here is the yard as seen facing east
Portland Yard pictures Looking west, we can see the skyline and the overpass.
Portland Yard pictures An assortment of equipment can be found in the service/turntable area. Steam plus 3 generations of diesel power along with a museum share the turntable.
Portland Yard pictures An SW 1200 switches the Pendleton Wool warehouse.
Portland Yard pictures Trucks bring the goods from the mills at Pendleton Woolen Mills to be loaded onto box cars.
Portland Yard pictures In my world, Caboose's (cabeese) are still ran on every train. Here a BN cupola and an SP bay window await their next run.
Portland Yard pictures SP RSD-4 pushes an SP bay window caboose toward the caboose track.
Portland Yard pictures "Old and new"... Cabeese and Dash-9, all awaiting their next assignments.
Portland Yard pictures Part of the fun about going to the museum is watching them turn the power before and after a run.
Portland Yard pictures The museum has several old locomotives, here a UP E7 A-B set, an ATSF F7 A-B set, and a Mikado.
Portland Yard pictures Mom and Sis are excited to visit the museum, and are coming down to climb on the old engines.
Portland Yard pictures High above it all, Wilhelm and his wife sell fresh fruit to foamers looking down on the scene.


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