It's been a good many years since I've been to the Medford Railroad Park. At least 5. So on Sun - Sept. 27, I took a ride down to check out the many changes I've heard about. My first stop was to get one of those great hot dogs and a soda. The nice hot dog-lady, who has been there as long as I can remember remembered me, "Where's your son?", "At his buddy's house, he's this tall now, he's 17, I'm sure he would be embarrassed to be here... (pause)... but I'm not!"... With her thick German accent she replied, "It's the older men who are like kids here".

  The National Rail Historical Soc. has many new buildings around the whole area and there has been much clean-up and most of the old rolling stock has gotten new coats of paint and lettering. Their Medco #4 project is coming along pretty well too.

  The Southern Oregon Live Steamers club has almost tripled the track layout from the last time I was there. Many hours of hard work and dedication goes into this park which is still free (donations appreciated) to the public.


So.Ore. Live Steamers ~ S.O Large Scale Trains

        S.O Large Scale Train club building a new layout!  
  So.Ore. Chapter Natl. Rail Historical Society      
            I believe this is their oldest car  
      ◄ pole pocket      

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Dans Depot
Train GIFs courtesy of Dan's Depot

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