Southern Oregon Live Steamers Club

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Main Attraction at the Railroad Park...

(I am not a member, just a fan) The Club holds a Free open to the public session, every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, April through Oct. from 11:00 am to 3:00 PM. Kids as well as adults love to watch and ride the 7.5" gauge trains, especially the steam powered trains. They also feature an inexpensive concessions stand with the best hot dogs in town!

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Waiting in line An unusually warm, late September morning brings a large crowd to the park. This little 4-4-2 steam engine is waiting for the line of trains to clear the station.
This C.O.R.P switcher is waiting at the station for the ol', "All Aboard"!
Here's that little 4-4-2 steamer waiting for passengers at the station.
These UP passenger cars hold up to 6 people
This BN train is 'splitting the blades' of a USS Type B lower quadrant semaphore. Many of which can still be found today on the local Siskiyou Line of the former Southern Pacific RR.
My favorite, a B&O 2-8-2 Mikado splitting the blades.
In communication with the 'Conductor'. Note the scale working signals.
Here's the B&O 2-8-2 Mikado steaming out of the station. It seems to be the fastest runner at the park.
A view of the station area from the car barn area.
Here is a tunnel that kids love to scream when the train passes through.
The 4-4-2 glides through the tunnel. There is another unfinished tunnel on the grounds soon to open, along with longer tracks, bridges trestles etc.
The Mikado passes under an unfinished trestle, soon to have trains above give a thrilling ride, especially if there is a train below as you are looking down.
A view out from the 'Beanery'. Best hot dogs in town, sodas, ice cream, my favorite stop. You can see the line to ride a train reaches far, but don't worry there is never a long wait and plenty to look at while waiting.

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Dans Depot
Train GIFs courtesy of Dan's Depot

all photos R.Wrede
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