One Rough Day
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  My Son and I recently visited the local Railroad Park for a session of the Southern Oregon Live Steamers Club free train rides. It was a rough day for the club members, nothing seemed to go right. It was fortunate for me however, as I was able to get some pictures I wouldn't normally be able to.
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When we arrived about noon, my favorite steamer was up on the maintenance rack.
"Steamers" as I like to call the bi-weekly event, (held on the second and fourth Sunday of the month), was about an hour into the session when we arrived. This B&O Mikado had lost a very expensive valve made in Great Britain.
After a ride on the transfer table, (on right) they roll it onto this swinging table for loading onto vehicles. it is an old rack from a garage and can be raised and lowered as needed
Another mishap, this CB&Q SD40 has some electrical problems.
Here's a closer view of the inside.
Panoramic view with my son Chris watching.
On another occasion, the Mikado was on the rack getting ready to get loaded on a truck.
Emptying the boiler of its steam.
On this day another mishap, a derailment leaving the station.

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Dans Depot
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