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These are pictures taken on 12/31/01 of the HLCX SD40-3 units waiting in Medford Yard of the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad. Soon they will be joined by two other units from Eugene, and together they will be going over the "Hill", the Siskiyou Line, to Hornbrook, Hoping that 4-SD units can replace 6-Geep units

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HLCX SD40-3 Sitting near the Medford CORP office, the two units are idling after getting worked on.
HLCX SD40-3 Here both units can be seen. These are great looking units, I was surprised to see how nice they looked. They will be Great in fresh CORP livery.
HLCX SD40-3 Notice the bell between the number boards, and the old lights housing above the number boards.
HLCX SD40-3 Here is a close-up of the trucks.
HLCX SD40-3 Commin' at ya!
HLCX SD40-3 Here is the CORP Jordan Spreader. Ex SP MOW snow removal equipment, it has been in service several times this season.
HLCX SD40-3 Looking North from under the McAndrews road overpass.

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