Another Dunsmuir Excursion

  On Tuesday May 19th 2009, I was in the mood for another excursion to my "Mecca", Dunsmuir, CA. to get some train pics, relax, and just take in the quiet.

  I managed to catch the "Pig Train ", a hot shot train going southbound. I managed to catch it quite by accident while checking out another photo-op location. I pulled off the freeway and there it was, racing toward Cantara Loop. I immediately went straight to Cantara Loop, my first time there and waited for it to arrive. I did catch it again on the way and got in a decent shot.

  My next stop after Cantara Loop was south of Dunsmuir at Castella. A great spot with the Castle Crags as a backdrop, but I missed the exit. With my tail between my legs, I went to Dunsmuir to wait for another train to chase. When I got there, I went down the tracks just south of town to check out a new photo-op spot. then as I got back to the main yard there it was, the Pig Train doing a crew change, and they had just got there..

  Anyway, I did manage, by the grace of a higher being, to get my most excellent shot to date at the Castella spot and of the Pig Train after all. Please enjoy this trips shots.

Cantara Loop / Pig Train / Misc.

Azalea Rd. crossing

Cantara Loop

Castella (1024x768)

"Z or Pig Train "

Cantara Loop Video

Spot near Cantara exit

Graffiti on Graffiti

Yard / Dunsmuir

Crew change

South of the main yard

MOW numbered for SP, painted for UP

Turntable with plow at end


old Mallet Shed

Static steam display in town
( webcam is here)

Black Butte Yard

Broken coupler



Town of Weed

Lone CORP unit at the Weed wye

Mt. Shasta in the background

Special thanks to Robert Morris for the inspiration on my new photo locals

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