Another Day Trip to Dunsmuir

On Friday May 2nd 2008 I took another day trip to Dunsmuir, CA. because I was missing it so much. I often tell people "this place is my Mecca". I would love to go back in time and live in Dunsmuir during the "transition era" of steam and diesel to see all the old buildings and trackage that no longer exists. This was a very busy place from the late 1880's- early 1960's.

Black Butte

Black Butte is the junction of the UP Mainline (formerly SP trackage) and the old Siskiyou Line. The Siskiyou line was at one time the main line.

Dunsmuir Yard

Crew change upper left:, Old tank with Southern Pacific Heritage Part on the mainline in the yard area had these ties, the rest was traditional spikes.

The Chase

Left: Bridge at Castella with Castle Crags in background. Right: Crossing a 1901 bridge at Pollard Gulch boat launch

Railroad Park Resort

The Railroad Park Resort was much better than my expectations! The many cabooses are made into clean comphy hotel rooms with a gorgeous view of the castle crags , nice landscaping and a very inviting crystal clear swimming pool, Dinner is served in old rail cars
Old Willamette Shay in beautiful condition

To see what I mean, about a busy place, check out Robert Morris' pages on historical Dunsmuir (but come back here!

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Dans Depot
Train GIFs courtesy of Dan's Depot

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