Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad runs between Medford Oregon and Glendale Oregon on what is called "job 504". The return job, Glendale to Medford is "job 505" . Job 504 is tentatively scheduled for 1000 hrs. and arrives in Glendale approximately 1400 hrs. This was pretty much right on time, give or take a few minutes. I followed the 504 there stopping at Tolo, Gold Ray Dam, Gold Hill, Del Rio vineyard, Rogue River, Savage Rapids Dam, Grants Pass, Merlin and Hugo, the last bastion of civilization on the run for another 15 track miles until Wolf Creek, then on to Glendale.

Averaging 17 miles an hour, it is not too tough getting ahead to the next photo-op except just after Gold Ray dam it surprised me by creeping along at 12 mph, then all of a sudden it was going almost 25. The narrow gravel road made it a challenge to get to my next stop, the Gold Hill tressel.

Once at Glendale, the train stops on the mainline, unhitches it's train then pulls ahead to the main switch and backs the engines into the yard and moves around cars placed there from local mill, Swanson. after watching maneuvers for a while I left. Maybe I will stick around next time and capture all the events there and follow it home on the 505 job

Medford Yard

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  1. Two units on today's journey, GP35-3 #3805 and SD40T-2 #4073
  2. Backing into the yard to hitch to it's load
  3. close-up of the distinctive sd40-2T intake ports. "T" for tunnel motor

The "Chase"

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  1. At Tolo bridge
  2. Passing Gold Ray dam
  3. Approaching the trestle @ Gold Hill
  4. Crossing the trestle @ Gold Hill
  5. Trestle and bridge over the Rogue River in Gold Hill
  6. Passing Del Rio Vineyard
  7. Approaching the town of Rogue River
  1. Passing Savage Rapids Dam
  2. Blowing through downtown Grants Pass
  3. Not stopping at Merlin
  4. Rounding a bend in Hugo
  5. Over the old bridge in Wolf Creek
  6. Approaching Glendale Yard
  7. Passing an old SP concrete phone booth

Glendale Yard

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  1. View from "downtown" Glendale towards yard
  2. Stopped on mainline to unhitch
  3. Jump on!
  4. Pulling into yard tracks
  1. Waiting for the brakeman to set the brakes
  2. "Roster Shot" GP35-3 #3805
  3. "Roster Shot" SD40-2T #4073
  4. Brakeman "walkin' " the load

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