HLCX #3815 in
Phoenix, Oregon

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Ex-Southern Pacific GP38-2 #4869, (now leased HLCX #3815) has been making rounds on the South end of CORP's Siskiyou Line, with much fan fair! Formerly Southern Pacific's Siskiyou Line, the "West" end hasn't seen an Espee painted unit since it's last run in 1994. CORP began operations on the line in 1996 with an odd assortment of power from former roads all over the country. A bit later it was hard to spot anything but CORP livery, running 6-Geep's at a time up the hill. As of late, larger SD units have returned to the hill running 3-SD's and 1-2 Geeps in a consist. See Larry Tuttle's "CORP Roster" for details!

Here, the Espee is making a local move in Phoenix, OR. placing a fresh propane tank to the Cal-Ore Gas siding.

These first two pictures are of the 3815 sitting at the Medford CORP office under the McAndrews Overpass.
Other HLCX leased units are lashed with 3815 including SD units.
            The track here in Phoenix has a standard siding and a spur where the propane tanks are stored. The cars (two on left) are in the siding, the lone tank car ("whale belly") is in the spur.    
  The units come around to grab the new tank car and the boxcar that is always between the units while moving on the mainline.
  Throw that switch!          

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