Yaquina Head Lighthouse

This is Oregon's tallest lighthouse at 93 feet. It is 114 steps up to the lantern, visitors can travel up the 104 steps from the base to the Watchroom and then an additional 6 steps up to view the lens.


Built in 1872, this light has been in constant use since first lit in August of 1873. The grounds originally contained a 2-story keeper's house for the keeper and his first assistant. A smaller, one story house was built for the second assistant. There were also outbuildings and gardens on the property. Pictures of these structures can be seen at the wonderful interpretive center. Every thing except the tower was removed in 1984 and the property is now owned and operated by the Bureau of Land Management.

The Lighthouse is open all year around and guides are on hand to give a brief history of the area.

The large Interpretive Center gives detailed accounts of the lighthouse history and how a lighthouse operates as well interesting facts and details of marine life in the area.


Newest Additions Sept. '07

I took these shots from down on the beach which is accessed by a staircase from the parking area. Notice the color of the lighthouse is now black and white, not green and white. The black and white color scheme is actually the original colors that were restored recently durring a facelift.



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