Heceta Head Lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse, located just north of Florence, is the sister lighthouse of the Umpqua River Light. Both are identical, designed by the same company. It's 56 foot tower was first lit in 1894 and is still sending it's beacon out over the water from it's perch 205 feet above the ocean.

To access this lighthouse, you must park in the parking lot at the beach below and make the hike upward. You will first come to the keeper's house. Originally, 2 identical houses stood side by side. One was for the head lightkeeper and his family and the other was a duplex that housed the first and second assistant lightkeepers and their families. Over the years the land has been owned by several different groups and while in the hands of the Coast Guard, many of the buildings were torn down or destroyed, including the head lightkeeper's house. The remaining assistant's house was once used as a barracks but is now a Bed and Breakfast. Free tours are often offered. Inside you can see wonderful antiques, artifacts and photos of how the properties used to look as well as hear the history of the area. You will also hear stories of the resident ghost, a former lightkeeper's wife who seems to dislike electricity and loud noises.

Travel farther up the path to the actual lighthouse. Tours are available here as well. You can hear about how the materials were brought in and carted up the steep incline to this lofty perch high above the sea.

There are lots of opportunities for wonderful photographs of this beautiful lighthouse. You can even find a couple of vantage points just south of the light on highway 101. Just be aware that more times than not the light is engulfed in fog.

*Note: From the lookout south, on the opposite side of the beach, you have a fabulous view of the lighthouse and the keeper's house. And, if you look straight down, you may see sea lions sunning on the rocks below.


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