Coquille River Lighthouse

Coquille River Lighthouse

This lighthouse, located just north of Bandon, was commissioned in 1896. This light was very important since there were no official roads leading into the area until the 1920's.

The lighthouse was built on a large rock in the mouth of the river and the keeper's house and compound was about a tenth of a mile away. Access to the lighthouse was by a wooden footbridge. In the early 1900's a jetty was built and the channel filled in so that now the lighthouse is connected to the shore.

The building connected to the tower originally housed a DaBoll Trumpet foghorn. The foghorn was replaced in the early 1900's and the light was extinguished by the Coast Guard in 1939.

The lighthouse fell into disrepair until it became part of Bullards Beach State Park in the 1960's. By 1979, the damage done by vandalism and weather had been restored and the lighthouse is now open for tours during the summer. Inside the building is a display of old photographs showing the original compound as well as pictures of the keepers and their families. With the lens now removed, guests can go clear up to the top of the tower for a fabulous view of the harbor and the city of Bandon.


Additions April '06

Newest Additions April '08

We were surprised to see that the Lighthouse had changed! The historical society hired a woman from Portland to take some chip samples to get the paint as it was when it was new. The reddish-maroon color around the bottom band and the more cream color as opposed to all white are the original colors. The roof is also changed to a more tile red color. Some old photographs show the plinth above the windows as the same color as the bottom band, but it is now the cream color. Maybe they will paint it the red color later?



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