Battery Point Lighthouse is not an Oregon Lighthouse, it is in Northern California at Crescent City, just a few miles away from the Oregon border. It is accessible only at low tide.

It's a beautiful light house with the light mounted atop the roof. It was named Battery Point after the ship America in 1855 caught fire and three cannons were salvaged and mounted atop the tiny islet. That same year Congress granted $15,000 to build the lighthouse. The fourth order Fresnel lens in the lantern room first illuminated the night sky at Crescent City on December 10, 1856.

We had been there three times up to this point (above) and only got close once, and on this day it wasn't officially open as work was being done on the roof. I "jumped" the rope and walked up and shot the close-up. A grounds keeper asked me to leave and so far we only have these few pictures.

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This day it was finally open but only the grounds, complete with a new roof, paint and other fix-ups. I met the old woman who, I guess you would call her the "Keeper" was as disappointed as I was that the lighthouse itself was not open. Kind of weird for a Memorial day weekend.


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