This is the third generation G Series camera from 1970, after the Electro 35 in 1966 and the 35 G in 1968. The fourth generation GSN followed the GS in 1973. I got this camera at the St. Vincent DePaul store, (like a Goodwill) mainly because it looked in great shape and had that "Thump" you want to hear when you advance the film lever, meaning there was a POD there. Also the rangefinder focus spot was right on.

It was however, filthy and took a couple hours to clean. I removed the top plate and cleaned the rangefinder optics. While I was in there I looked at the POD and it was an amber colored translucent hard plastic one. I later learned in the Forum that it most likely had been replaced by a pro because that was the factory POD used in later models. Good for me! It was very clean inside, no powdery haze or corrosion, battery compartment was clean. I think the previous owner used it recently because he had his own battery adaptor (rolled up paper and flashlight spring) in there. I can't explain it but it just feels better and sounds better in the hand than my GSN even though they are essentially identical. The GS has a firmer shutter button lock, not easy to accidentally take off of lock, and the external trim pieces around the rangefinder windows are new looking.


After getting it all cleaned up I noticed a scratch (or crack) on the outer lens. Since I decided that my meter-dead GSN was basically a parts camera, I swapped out the front lens group from the GSN. It was a tough time getting the front lens ring removed because there was some damage to the filter ring. putting the lens ring back proved impossible so instead of beating on it I swapped it out with the GSN as well.

I did a more thorough job on the light seals since I got the better materials than I had on my first project, the GSN. I am using black cotton crochet yarn in the door grooves and I found some self sticking foam and felt sheets from Joann's. it took a foam and felt strip near the hinge and I doubled up the felt insert at the latch.

Here is a test photo shot with this camera

MANUAL: Yashica Electro 35 GS owners manual

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