I liked my little Vito II so much I thought I would get something similar. The Vitoret I have is called the "square" version, which ran from 1967-1971. 1961-1966 saw a Vitoret with rounder sides. It was produced as a quality yet affordable camera for the masses with a large viewfinder, simple yet effective lense/shutter system available in a 125 or 300 max speed shutter. MIne has the 125 max shutter speed but the nice thing is it has f22 aperture.

It was purchased from eBay and advertised as near mint. They were right! it came with the original case and even the leather strap is not bad. who ever owned it must have bought it for some vacation and never used it again. Everything is clean and it works great. Mine must have come from Europe as it has meters on the lens rather than feet, gotta do some math..LOL as it has a viewfinder not a rangefinder so focus is scale set. Luckily as with my Vito II the depth of field is tremendous, something like 2.3 meters to infinity at f16 and 6 meters to infinity at f5.6! so the scale focus thing is no biggie.

Took it on vacation last week, the viewfinder is big and bright, like looking through a hole with plastic over it, no smaller size objects, it does have frame lines but are way to the edges and hard to see with glasses on. This is I'm sure because of the 50mm lens, not 35-45 like on most other viewfinders and rangefinders I've seen. It's light as a feather and quiet as a mouse. The bottom of the camera is much more interesting than the top ...LOL... see below.


No fixes whatsoever. The light seals on this camera are basic tight fit metal on metal and flanges in deep grooves.

Here is a test photo shot with this camera

MANUAL: Voigtlander Vitoret owners manual

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