This camera I've had since I was 15 (1975). My Dad got it at the PX while in the Air Force in the 50's. It was made in Germany in 1949. Other than a few tiny blemishes in the leatherette it is awesome. The glass is spotless, viewfinder clear and the window above the counter is clear. Although, when I was a kid, I liked to tear things apart. I took the Vito apart (not totally) and lost a few tiny screws that hold the bottom cap on so for the next 35 years I used it sans bottom cap.

I recently found a broken Vito II for parts on eBay and now all it needs is the bottom leatherette. It takes great pictures despite it's size. I used it while I was in Germany in 1983-1985. it was my "black and white" camera. I would hold my 49mm-thread red filter in front of the lens when I took the shots. (my Olympus OM-1n was my color camera)

I was sure my little Vito II was a rare camera and was worth hundreds on eBay but recently searching the internet and checking out eBay I found I was wrong about it being rare but a good one does fetch a decent price on eBay. It is highly sought after, as it is a gem! The freaking thing folds up small enough to fit in your pocket... 1949 for crying out loud!


I finally got the bottom cap put back on after 35 years. Other than it needing leatherette on the bottom cap it is hunky dory. No light seals to fix, both of my Voigtländers have a no foam seal design, except for some still intact, not rotting fuzzy felt strip right at the hinge on the door. The Vitoret has no foam or felt seals, just flanges fitting in slots.

here is a test roll shot

MANUAL: Voigtlander Vito II owners manual

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