The Canon IIF is from 1953, it has shutter speeds from T, B, 1-1/500 sec with the slower speeds on a front knob, just like most cameras of this era/style. The RF/VF has only 2 windows in front as opposed to the 3 on Leica and Barnack copies. The Viewfinder peep hole is very small and hard to see through, even without glasses. This is it's only fault, otherwise it's a pleasure to use, especially with the 3 choices of viewfinder magnification.

Mine has the <E-P> stamped on the top plate. This indicates it was sold at a US Army base PX stationed in Japan. It's said that the EP's true meaning isn't exactly known but most say it means Exchange Post. Regardless of the meaning, it does indicate it was sold on a US base in Japan. I have another <E-P> camera, my Olympus 35 IVa from 1954.

It is paired with my 1951 Serenar 50mm 1:1.8 lens. This lens was the standard lens equiped with this camera.


I removed the top plate and cleaned the RF/VF optics. I also had to repair a loose spring on the second curtain release lever. That was causing it to fire at the same speed (1/500) no matter what it was set on. The main reason I got it under $50 "as-is" on eBay. I also cleaned and lubed the shutter speed mechanism while the top was off.

I then removed the shell from the body and compleated the CLA. Cleaned and lubed the shutter gears, all but fully removing the curtains themselves. I also patched some pin holes in the curtains with 'Liquid electrical tape'.


There is an owners manual for this camera HERE

Here is a photo taken with this camera


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