The Olympus 35, I've wanted one of these for a long time, usually rather spendy, I got this one at a price I couldn't pass up. There are several models of the original 35 starting in 1949 with the model I, (model II was a prototype that never went to production) the III, IV, IVa, (two styles of the IVa) IVb and a V. The spotting features for this model made in 1954 are the 1/300 shutter speed and this is a second version with the flash sync on the lens top. Mine has the <EP> on top meaning it came from an American military (Exchange Post) PX in Japan, a nice added bonus.

It has the Zuiko F.C. (6 element, coated) 4cm (40mm) 1:3.5 lens with the Copal B, 1-1/300 shutter.


I repaired the shutter and shutter arm from sticking, discovered fungus on the rear lens group and fixed that with a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and household ammonia and cleaned the viewfinder by unscrewing the rear eye piece and blowing and cleaning with a Q-Tip and cleaned exterior.


I cannot find an online manual for this camera

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