This is a very cool looking camera! The C-44 is preceded by the C3 then C4. It was produced in 1956-1957 in Ann Arbor Michigan. It looks like they were in competition with Leica and other German made cameras of the time. Available with interchangeable lenses, simple color coded settings for point and shoot capabilities and it has a sturdy construction. The very fine Cintagon lenses were made for Argus by Steinheil in Munich Germany. This is a very collectable, hard to find camera. I had read about it after acquiring my Argus C3 and saw one on eBay with only a few hours left and one bid for $5, I held on and surprisingly got it for $15! certainly my best deal yet on my collection.

Very few cosmetic problems, very good condition, lens and rangefinder are clear, shutter fires on all speeds and the aperture is smooth. It is not the quietest camera I own though.

Some experts say the Bayonet mount lens system is a joke and a pain in the butt to juggle camera and lens to try and swap the lens but I have had no problems at all with removing and installing the lens. It's pretty simple, just put the camera on infinity, hold the camera in one hand and press a lever/button and turn lens at same time with other hand. Sure by today's standards it's awkward or maybe compared to a more expensive German brand of the time.



Nothing so far! It came in great overall condition and the focus was right on. There are no rotten light seals to fix as the factory made the door fit into the slots very deep. Focus in the rangefinder seems to be good too.

Here is a photo from this camera

MANUAL: Argus C44 owners manual


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