Mass produced between 1938 and 1966, The Argus C3 is likely the most long lived, best selling 35mm camera ever and had much to do with making 35mm film format popular. Often called the "Brick" because of it's weight and shape. Mine came from eBay with the original case, flash unit and original instruction manual and a couple filters for the lens.The instruction manual says that the lens is removable and can be used in an enlarger.

Mine is in pretty darn good shape seein's how it was made in 1953. The leatherette is in tact and glued down in all spots and looks nice and fresh, controls not faded, no lettering rubbed off and it has the front lens ring for the aperture adjust, missing in many samples I've seen. The shutter fires at all speeds, the aperture is good and lens clear.

I'm looking forward to using it and to see the look on peoples faces


Nothing to fix other than adjusting the rangefinder focus to sync with the lens. This was done by removing a round screw/plate on top and messing with the two screws. the front-most screw adjusts up and down alignment, the back-most screw needs to be loosened only a tiny bit then the bracket holding the mirror is slid back and forth until it is correct. The knob in front that cocks the shutter works fine but was mis-aligned, an easy fix with the hex nut behind the knob.

MANUAL: Argus C3 owners manual

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