Eagle Point
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Welcome to Eagle Point, located just 12 miles from Medford, Oregon along highway 62, on the way to Crater Lake. The area of Eagle Point was first settled in 1853. This historic little town of almost 4800 people features a covered bridge, a historic flour mill that is still in operation, 2 history museums and several parks. It is bordered by the Rogue River as well as the Table Rocks and sits in the shadow of Mt. McLoughlin with Butte Falls being only 15 minutes away. With plenty to see and do as well as several good places to eat, Eagle Point is definitely a place worth seeing.

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Old stone barn across from flour mill This old building is sitting across the road from the flour mill. It was probably a horse barn/carriage house at one time.
Butte Creek Mill The Butte Creek Mill was built in 1872 and is still in operation today. During the week you can watch them grind the flours and meals that are for sale in their shop.
Inside the flour mill There are a lot of antiques inside the mill such as this display of antique lanterns. You can also view a video of the history of the mill.
Back side of mill as seen from Butte Creek Park Here is a view of the back of the mill from the opposite bank of Little Butte Creek. The "waterfall" is the over flow from the canal built to drive the wheel. The wheel for this mill is enclosed in the building.
General Store Museum This is the General Store Museum situated next door to the old mill. It is open on Saturdays through the summer.
Old wagon
This old picturesque wagon frame sits on the mill grounds.
old step
Here is the old step outside the mill

Here is a link to the Butte Cteek Mill website

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