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Antelope Creek bridge was built around 1922 on Antelope Creek, about 10 miles from Eagle Point. It was moved in 1987 to it's current location over Little Butte Creek in downtown Eagle Point by the love of the township and the local Historical Society. It was renovated with side windows to let in light for the children walking to the nearby schools.

Eagle Point has many interesting historic attractions. See our page about these other sites, featuring the Butte Creek Mill. E.P. is approximately 15 miles north-east of Medford on Hwy 62 towards Crater Lake. The bridge is downtown.

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Antelope Creek This is a view looking south. This bridge no longer has vehicular traffic. The Vehicle bridge used to cross Little Butte Creek sits just to the right of this photo. There is parking at both ends of the bridge making it very easy to view and enjoy.
Antelope Creek This is an inside view. Notice the structural supports and new windows. The bridge is now used by school children and the windows were added to increase the light inside the bridge.
Antelope Creek Same day, looking north towards town. Just up the street we enjoyed a nice lunch at Antonio's Restaurant.
Antelope Creek
A view from the newer concrete vehicle bridge, facing east.
Antelope Creek
View facing south towards the Grange hall
Antelope Creek
Winter view, looking in the direction from downtown.
Antelope Creek Winter view from the south side. Bushes and trees hide this view in summer.
Antelope Creek
Another winter view, this one from the parking area near the bridge.

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