This was another camera on my bucket list to cross off. The 1959 Yashica 35 YK with a Yashinon 4.5cm 1:2.8 lens and a Copal-SV shutter from 1/25 to 1/300. It's looks are what grabbed me, I love the Contax II and it's copies. This is similar to the Yashica 35 which is somewhat of a Contax copy .


The main problem was the focus helical was pretty much frozen. I could only move it a partial turn and with much force. The shutter worked great but there was no "click" at the set speed so the first thing I did was remove the front lens group and protective plate to get at the shutter. There was no provision to make the setting click by design so I proceeded to take the lens and lens plate off to get at the helical.

I used some Lighter fluid to loosen the helical. I suck at getting helicals back the way they're supposed to be so I didn't do a tear down of the helical, just the lighter fluid. I had read somewhere that is what another fellow did and it worked fine.

I had to take the top off and clean the rangefinder housing as it was slightly sticking and I also cleaned the VF/RF optics. I have a set on Flickr of the entire CLA <-(click)


There is an online owners manual here

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