This is truly a strange little camera I found at a yard sale for .50 cents. I never would have got it except it weighed a ton, being made of all metal, and it was very unique. I got back to the car and Googled it on my smart phone to find out it was introduced in 1959 and there is/was quite a cult following among subminiature camera fans and it's worth quite a bit more than .50 cents, (like a hundred times more)

It has a film magazine that is inserted from the side and actually becomes part of the camera. It uses 16mm film in the cartridge that is refillable. In fact, Yashica even had a contraption for loading your own magazines...

...although, in it's heyday cartridges were available pre loaded but hard to find. Mine has a Kodachrome ASA 25 Color Daylight Film sticker on it, loaded with film.

The camera is fully functional with a fixed focus Yashinon 25mm 1:3.5 lens, adjustable aperture from f/3.5-f/16 and shutter speed from "S" (like B) 25, 50, 100 to 200. "S" works pretty cool, all cameras should have this feature. You set it to S then you slowly press the shutter release till it clicks open, then you count down your exposure and press further till it clicks again, shut. You can even take your finger off the button if you like, decreasing the chance of camera shake (on a tripod of course) and then re-press it to close the shutter.


Nothing but a good exterior cleaning.

MANUAL: Yashica Y16 owners manual

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