I just think this camera looks better every time I look at it. From 1968, this is the model J-7 with a working light meter and an original mercury battery to boot! It is a manually adjusted camera with the meter as a reference only. The shutter works without a battery.

I repaired the loose lens over the CDS cell housing and cleaned it up is all that was needed. No light seals need to be fixed. There is one of the PC sockets missing however but that can be fixed later. The lens is some great glass and sparkles like new.

The small dent area on top is due to Yashica's silly shoe attachment accessory that slides around the rear eyepiece and rests loose on top of the prism housing. After a while and with some jarring I'm sure there are thousands of these cameras out there with similar dents.

The meter on top is the coolest thing ever... you set the ASA, the whole dark area with f/ settings moves accordingly, then as you adjust the shutter speed, the black area moves accordingly, so all you need to do is get the reading of aperture and set your lens and shoot. I did notice you need to point the camera down slightly if there is sky.

Here is a photo taken with this camera

MANUAL: Yashica J-3 manual very close to the J-7

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