Check this one off the bucket list! My new Yashica 35 is the first rangefinder camera made in the Yashica factories. The YE and YL were made by Nicca. This camera has always appealed to me because it looks a lot like the Contax IIa styling, which I love. This model has the harder to find (so I'm told) Yashinon 4.5cm 1:1.9 lens. It's in excellent condition and only required minimal cleaning.

Using it is a breeze. My only small complaint is the aperture ring is so easy to move, I have to keep checking to see that it is where I want it. I'm not sure if it is just my camera or all of them are like that.


Exterior cleaning and I did take the top plate off and blew a large speck of dust from the rangefinder front glass.


I couldn't find an online manual anywhere. If you know of one let me know. Email link on homepage.

Here is an image from this camera


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