This is one of my more incredible finds at an estate sale. a Voigtlander Vito B in pristine new condition. I swear it looks like it was just purchased yesterday. There is not a single scratch anywhere and the viewfinder is crystal clear. It belonged to the sellers Grandfather.

It's small like the other Vito's and fits in the hand nicely. This has the smaller viewfinder window, meaning it was made from 1954-1957. There is a second version with a larger viewfinder window and framelines made from 1957-1960. Mine also has the Color-Skopar 50mm 1:3.5 lens and the Pronto shutter from B to 1/200.

Cosmetically, I didn't do a thing to it.


The shutter was stuck. I opened up the film chamber and gently taped the shutter from behind and it popped to life.


There is a manual online here.

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