Found this at an estate sale for $5. I've been wanting one of these for a very long time but can't afford so when I saw the $10 dollar price tag on day 4 of an estate sale I was in shock because it was "half price day". I was actually shaking with good

It's very heavy for it's size and built like a tank. A real marvelous feat of engineering. It's so different from any thing else, it's fun just to handle and tinker with.

My version is made in Singapore around 1974 as it has a 600000+ serial number and the lens says "Made by Rollei" Tessar 3.5/40 instead of Carl Zeiss (but used Carl Zeiss components), as a way to reduce costs. There is a chip of plastic missing on the ASA dial and some signs of wear. It came with a hard to find and spendy Hoya UV filter.


I had to clean the oxidized battery contact for the meter to work and everything else works fine. a goos external cleaning, I use Meguiars Leather Foam to clean all my camera leatherette, it works good on old bakelite too.

Here is an image from this camera


You can find the owners manual here

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