I got this on eBay for a song and now I know why. I had to totally take apart this camera as, the focus ring was frozen and the shutter wouldn't fire. see my page on the repair. After the repair, I had to replace the leatherette on the front. It turned out fairly well for a first attempt although it lacks the lower 'band' impressed into the leatherette as on the original.

The Petri 2.8 CCS was made in Japan by Kuribayashi in 1959, it has the Orikkor 1:2.8 4.5cm lens. There is no meter. It sports a bright rangefinder with a great focus spot via the "green-o-matic" green glass. It has a Petri Carperu MX leaf shutter with speeds from B, 1-300. The ASA dial on top is merely for reference but looks cool.


The top and bottom plate has to come off to get to the main lens plate, as well as the leatherette. The leatherette was plastic and brittle and didn't come off clean. I did manage to salvage the radius around the bottom of the lens area for a template. Under the bottom plate, I had to repair the spring that operates the 'clicker' on the film advance gears.

The lens plate had to be removed in order to get the lens itself off of the camera. The focus helical had to be dismantled and de-greased (dry hard gunk), then re-greased. The shutter and aperture mechanisms were dismantled and the shutter gears sprung to life. Using lighter fluid didn't help, only a total dismantle of the blades.

The linkage between the shutter release lever and shutter needed cleaning as well as the linkage for the rangefinder between the lens and the rangefinder itself.

All in all, as seen in the repair images, I totally had to dismantle the camera even as far as the shutter blades and lens helical, something I have only done twice, both times with no guides or reference help.

MANUAL: (not exact same model but there is a section on this lens/shutter combo) Petri 2.8 Manual

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