What a tiny camera this is but designed with the same full rangefinder features of the big boy's like a 6 element F.Zuiko 35mm 1:2.8 lens, full aperture select from f 2.8-22 and rangefinder focus. The sliding clam-shell cover makes it possible to slip into your pocket.

The Aperture priority Auto exposure and a hair-trigger electronic shutter release makes it fun to shoot and judging from experience, it's size makes it invisible, especially to those walking right in front of your shot, so it's a great street shooter. A meter needle in the viewfinder lets you know what shutter speed is going to be used at your chosen F stop.

From 1979, It is plastic on the outside but on the inside it is built like a tank. Luckily the rangefinder optics were fairly clean inside where the mirrors are because getting in there involves moving screws and wires for the metering and sliding cover contacts so I refrained from that.

Later models like the XA2 and XA3 had zone focus, not rangefinder and a smaller D.Zuiko (4 element) 35mm 1:3.5 lens, along with a few more "downgrades" that make the original XA desirable for collectors. The XA4 on the other hand is more sought after and fetches a better price because of it's E.Zuiko (5 element) 28mm 1:3.5 wide angle lens with Macro capabilities. I sold one for $165 on eBay. I hated selling that camera but needed the cash. The original XA's fetch anywhere from $20 to $85 depending on condition and if it comes with the flash or not. I got mine for $5!


Virtually nothing to fix or even clean except I replaced the light seals, even though the originals seemed ok.

Here's a photo from this camera

MANUAL: Olympus XA owners manual

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