Incredibly sharp 42mm 1:1.7 G.Zuiko lens with 7 elements in 5 groups. It has a center weighted meter as well as a spot meter function. Full auto mode shutter and full manual mode with metering. It was introduced in 1969 and was produced until 1972.

Mine is in spotless like new condition with not even a single blemish. It did have some kind of fungus on the inner element of the front group next to the shutter, as well as the element just behind the shutter. The front group comes off very easy and I was able to clean the fungus without any trace of evidence on the coatings.

It does need a light seal near the hinge as well as the latch

I've wanted one of these for years but could never afford one, not at $125-200. I was super lucky and got it from a chap in Japan for under $40. it's like new, meters work, battery case is spotless, shutter and aperture work as they should in both auto and manual. I am able to cross this one off of the bucket list!


The front lens group is easy to get at but it is almost a must that you have a spanner wrench with points. Normal flat blade spanner will not work. The front black nameplate has two holes on the edge, with your spanner, unscrew the nameplate then you can see the front lens group. Now use your flat blade spanner and on the outer most ring, rotate counter clockwise until loose then you should be able to finish unscrewing it with your fingers.

To clean the inner most lens on the other side of the shutter, simply set shutter to 'B' and hold the shutter open (with aperture set to 1.7 of course). You can use a locking cable release if you like.

I use a 50/50 mix of household ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to clean fungus (or any hard to remove stuff) from lenses. Wipe gently with a Q-Tip to get it wet, let sit for 5 min. and gently scrub with the Q-Tip. Remove the 50/50 mix then wash with tap water and dry.

I also removed the top plate and cleaned the RF optics. That too is really easy. Just remove the flat screw on top of the advance lever (use a pointed spanner), pull off the lever and a washer and the advance cog, then use your spanner to remove the next nut. Remove the rewind crank by opening the camera back, stick something in the rewind fork for leverage then unfold the crank handle on top and turn the handle-knob counter-clockwise. (don't bother wit the screw on top under the handle) Then with your spanner, remove the next nut, the top will lift off.


Here is an online owners manual

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