I've been wanting one of these since I was able to pick up a camera, mainly my teen years back in the 70's Every month I would pick up my copy of Popular Photography, or read through some of my 'Time Life Book(s) of Photography' and see one of these being used by some Pro or wealthy amateur. They were WAY out of my price range even till now except I got a heaven sent deal on eBay. I've never even held one until now. These things are the epitome of the term, "built like a tank". Heavy, very heavy and the lens is basically like nothing else I've seen.

This is the Nikkormat FTN (1967-1974) with the popular Nikkor-S Auto 1:1.4 50mm lens. It is the third in the Nikkormat series and the first to sport the center weighted metering system. I can't wait to try that out. It's not a 'spot' meter but rather about 60% of the metering is taken from the center portion of the view. Point at the main subject, set your reading then re-compose and shoot. Whatever you (originally) centered on will be in perfect exposure.


No fixes were necessary except it was filthy and took me a flat two hours to clean. the Light seals look ok and the mirror buffer foam are ok, I may replace the light seals in the door frame but the one at the hinge is still fine.

Here is a photo taken with this camera

MANUAL: Nikkormat FTN Manual

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