Got this 1955 Leotax K on a whim because it was so cheap as a "Buy it Now". The pictures looked great and supposedly everything worked great. Truth is, everything does work great, nice and snappy shutter, fairly excellent exterior, only real problem was a cloudy viewfinder and rangefinder.

Some will claim the Leotax cameras are the better "Leica copies" but after comparing it with my Nicca and Leica IIIa there is no comparison. The Nicca, build wise, is almost exactly like my Leica, the Leotax is nice but not as stout.

This model has no slow speeds. The slow speed dial is not just an empty patch like on a Leica II model but rather has a disc inserted in the shell, then leatherette is covering this disc. I'm assuming the Leica II models with a weird front patch where the slow speeds dial should go is for maybe a 'future' factory upgrade?


I did a full CLA on the camera including rangefinder and viewfinder optics cleaning, interior cleaning and lubing and I lubed the main Speed Mechanism on top which was surprisingly clean and dry.


This online owners manual is not exact but close.

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