The Leica IIIf, mine is the so-called "Red Dial" because of it's red letters surrounding the flash sync dial and a later version from 1952-1953. Mine is very late in the production, just before 1954 when the model was added a self timer.

I got mine on eBay for a great price because it had a fowled shutter curtain and the RF patch was very weak. Other than that, the exterior was very good, with no major flaws. I knew I could fix what was wrong myself so I don't hesitate to get broken cameras for a good price.


I fixed the shutter curtain which luckily was just, the tape slipped off of the main drum and was getting caught in the gears, a little finagling of the tape and it sprung to life. I did however have to almost completely tear it apart to get at it. I was going to anyway to give it a CLA. (Click): Here is a set of some of the things I did.

I also replaced the rangefinders beamsplitter or, half-mirror. I got a pre-cut half-mirror from a fellow in Japan on eBay. I read a few how-to's and it was a well spent $10 for the half-mirror. I have photos of the replacement in 2 phases. Phase I, top plate removal. and Phase II, replace beamsplitter.


Here is an online owners manual

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